This age is all about being tech-savvy, be it the youth or the seniors. While the youth uses cell phones for streaming videos, clicking pictures and games more than for calling and texting, seniors on the other hand tend to look for what’s most important for them – calling much more than any other utility. They have the peace of knowing that they have a cell phone with a plan that will allow them to make calls in case of emergencies. It would be fair to say that there is a dire need for specifically designed best cell phone plans for seniors. In recent years, cell phone companies have undergone a significant shift in designing senior-friendly phone plans.

The growing market share has made it easier for seniors to buy prepaid plans. That’s because they would not want to pay for the extras that come with standard cell phone plans. Affordable prepaid phone plans for seniors would help them substantially save their hard-earned money.

What do seniors look for?

There are specific criteria that need to be met whenever a senior looks for a value-for-money phone plan.
Reliable Coverage

Nowadays, it’s not just surfing that is confined to a reliable amount of coverage. Communication has a significant role to play across the entire board. Seniors want to stay connected with a set of full network at all times, making it one of the chief factors of investing in a cell phone plan that offers reliable coverage.

The cost of the entire plan should be tangible enough for seniors to invest in it. Since standard cell phone plans have many add-ons for which people are charged extensively, seniors would not want to follow that. As a result, they end up looking for cheaper and valuable options.
A Handful of Texts and Minutes

In best cell phone plans for seniors, the sellable factor is the value added to it. An unlimited amount of texts and minutes in an affordable cell phone plan makes them stick to it.

Here we have a list of some of the best cell phone plans specially designed for seniors, making it convenient and useful for them to contact, connect, and surf without the thought of being overcharged.
A glance at affordable cell phone plans for seniors.

Affordable cell phone plans comprise unlimited text and call for the seniors to connect with their family and friends. The inclusion of High-Speed data varies from network to network.

Republic Wireless

Plan name: Unlimited Talk & Text
Price (monthly): $10
Plan at a glance: Unlimited amount of text and call. Add on 4G LTE data at $5 per GB every month with the option of adding and subtracting data from the phone.
Why seniors would like it: The plan has no complicated options, hidden fees, and is a reasonably priced cell phone plan for seniors.

Liberty Wireless

Plan name: Pocket Friendly
Price (monthly): $10
Plan at a glance: Unlimited amount of text, call with 1GB 4G LTE data..
Why seniors would like it: A basic plan with limitless connection except mobile data makes this prepaid plan affordable and effective for seniors.

A glance at best coverage plans for tech-savvy seniors.

The coverage plans are for seniors who embark and love to strive with no limits – be it call, text, or data. Moreover, some plans provide you with the present-day smartphone tech.

Verizon Logo

Plan name: Start Unlimited
Price (monthly): $35
Plan at a glance: Unlimited amount of text, call, and data.
Why seniors would like it: The plan has unlimited mobile hotspots and high-quality streaming. Moreover, seniors will get coverage in Canada and Mexico included. There are additional discount offers for military families and veterans.

Liberty Wireless

Plan name: More Data
Price (monthly): $35
Plan at a glance: Unlimited amount of text, call with 6GB 4G LTE data.
Why seniors would like it: An affordable coverage plan where seniors can enjoy more data with limitless calling and texting. Best for those who love to surf.

A glance at the best affordable yearly cell phone plan for seniors

A plan well-suited for seniors, where they can either pay in tiers or billed yearly. The affordable yearly plan is one of the best cell phone plans for seniors that comes with limitless calling and texting with a limited amount of data to surf and connect.

Liberty Wireless

Plan name: Liberty Wireless
Price: $100 Annually
Plan at a glance: Unlimited texting and calling with 1GB 4G LTE data every month.
Why seniors would like it: This yearly plan is quite economical and even has the inclusion of data that can be used every month—best for the seniors who would want to subscribe for an entire year at a remarkably low cost.

The Bottom Line

Even though seniors are more concerned about connecting with their family members during emergencies, some might still look for more data coverage. As a result, the comparison of phone plans in the article is to help you understand some of the best and most affordable prepaid phone plans for seniors. So, choose wisely, and stay connected at all times.