Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with Liberty Wireless

What is Liberty Wireless?
Liberty Wireless is a prepaid wireless service that runs on the nation's best wireless networks. We offer no contracts, no credit checks and no activation fees, without compromising our quality service! We have been around since 2006 and are proud to be an American owned company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
What is Prepaid Wireless Service?
Prepaid Wireless service is the same thing you get with the big wireless companies just without that big bill at the end of each month! This lets you pay in advance for your monthly service on your mobile device, while saving you money.
How can Liberty Wireless provide this service at such a low price?
Purchasing a yearlong plan is like buying in bulk at the store! The more you buy, the more you save.
How do I know if Liberty Wireless has good coverage in my area?
Just scroll to the top of our website, click Coverage, and type in your address!
Can I use my current phone number with Liberty Wireless?

Yes! You can transfer your current phone number to Liberty Wireless with just a few steps (and for free!). Feel free to reach out to us anytime during this process, we are here to help!

1. You will need to have your current carrier’s account number and PIN.

2. You then can reach out to us to provide that information along with your full name and the address associated with your current carrier.

3. Wait for confirmation from us!

Your service must still be active with your original carrier in order for them to transfer the number to us.

What if I want a new phone number?
We can make that happen! Just find the plan that fits your needs and we will send you a SIM card that gives you a phone number with an area code matching your zip code.
Can I use my current phone with Liberty Wireless?
Of course! Once you pick the plan that is right for you, we send you a SIM card and the swap is easy!

Few things to keep in mind:

1. The phone needs to be a T-Mobile phone or network unlocked. Network unlocked means your phone will work on any network.

2. The phone needs to be a GSM device. That means youhave to be able to insert a SIM card into it.If you don’t know if your phone is a GSM device, contact your current carrier or reach out to us for help!

How long will it take for me to receive my new SIM card?
We have a one business day handling time and then we ship using USPS First Class Package Priority (at no cost to you!). You should receive your SIM card within 2-3 days. We always provide tracking regardless of where you order our products from.
How do I insert my new SIM card?
This all depends on the device you are using. Our SIM cards fit every type of phone; you will just need to punch out the size that fits your phone. We always recommend looking online for specifics about your mobile device. If you ever have any questions or if you are having a hard time inserting your SIM card, please reach out to us! We are always here to help.
How do I activate my Liberty Wireless service?
We made the activation process super simple! Once you have your SIM card inserted, make a call to any phone number. Once that first call is made you are ready to start using your new Liberty Wireless service!
My phone requires me to input the APN settings manually. How do I do that?
We can walk you through it! Go to the following link for details on how to do this with different devices:

Liberty Wireless Account

How do I set up my Liberty Wireless account?
Just click Login at the top of our website, select New Account and fill out the required information. You can also create your account in our Liberty Wireless App.
How can I see how much data I have left?
You can log into your account on our website, manage your account using our app (found on the Google Play Store), or you can always contact us! Click here to download our Android APP.
How do I know when my data is going to reset?
Your 4G LTE data resets every 30 days from the day you purchased your plan. You can check this by logging into your account via our website or the App.

Service & Plans

What if Liberty Wireless service isn’t the right fit for me?
Just let us know! All of our plans have a 14-Day return policy purchased through the website, app and eBay.
What about those plans sold on eBay? Are they real?
Yes they are 100% real! We want our customers to be able to purchase our plans on any platform.
Can I purchase a plan now and activate later?
Of course! While we do advise that you activate service as soon as possible to ensure you have good coverage while in that return policy period, you have up to one month to activate after receiving your SIM card.
Do you offer any plans with 5G?
Not yet! When 5G becomes more accessable to everyone nationwide we will roll out our 5G network.
Can I use Mobile Hotspot with my plan?
All plans include Mobile Hotspot but please note that using your Mobile Hotspot does use your 4G LTE data.
After my first year of service is up will I be able to renew at the same price?
You bet! We might even have better options for you when your plan year expires.
Do I get 3G or 2G speeds when I run out of 4G LTE data?
Unfortunately when you run out of 4G LTE data we do not provide slower speed data.
I ran out of data before the month ends! How can I get more data now?
We got you covered. You can purchase a data Top-Up anytime! $5 gets you 1GB of 4G LTE Data.
Can I send picture messages (MMS) with Liberty Wireless?
This depends on the plan you choose! MMS requires data to work, if you choose one of our plans that doesn’t include data you will not be able to send pictures.
Does Wi-Fi calling work with these plans?
Yes our plans all have Wi-Fi calling enabled. Our plans only support Wi-Fi calling for Android devices.
Can I make calls outside of the US?
Our plans do not include international calling or texts.
Can I pause my service?
Unfortunately you can not pause your service with us, we wouldn’t be able to keep our prices so low if we could.
I lost my phone! Can I get a replacement SIM card?
Of course you can! Just send us a message or give us a call and we will get you a new SIM card with the same phone number.
What if I am having an issue with my service?
Contact us! We are always happy to help, even with the small stuff. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to reach out!
Do calls to customer service use my available minutes?
Calls to customer service by dialing 1776 from your Liberty Wireless cell phone are free of charge and do not deplete your available minutes. However, calls to any other Liberty Wireless phone number will use the available airtime minutes.