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How Our Service Works


Bring Your Own Phone

Our service is simple. Just bring your unlocked GSM phone. We won't tie you to a contract, or require you to go through a credit check.

SIM Card

Activate A Liberty Wireless SIM Card

Do it in three easy steps:

  1. Purchase a Liberty Wireless SIM card.
  2. Select from our variety of affordable airtime packages.
  3. Insert the SIM card and activate the phone.

Don't Have A SIM Card Yet?

You can purchase one here.

Text Bubble

Start Making Calls

Once the phone is activated you are ready to start making calls. You can always add to your plan by visiting the add airtime page.

Question Mark


Have questions about setting up your phone? Follow our simple step-by-step instructions on setting up our brand of phone by visiting the support page.

Payment Information

Credit Card Information